Aquarius Positive Traits

  • Friendly
  • Humanitarian
  • Honest
  • Loyal
  • Original
  • Inventive
  • Independent
  • Intellectual

Aquarius Negative Traits

  • Intractable
  • Contrary
  • Perverse
  • Unpredictable
  • Unemotional
  • Detached

Aquarius is a unique sign among the rest of the zodiac, and those born under this sign feel special. This causes people to be eccentric and energetic in their quest for freedom, or shy and quiet when they are frightened to show their actual personality. They are both deep thinkers and extremely intelligent individuals who enjoy fighting for noble causes. They have the ability to observe others without bias, which distinguishes them as truly unique. Aquarius representatives, despite their ability to adapt to the energy around them, have a strong desire to spend time alone and away from everything in order to reclaim their power.

Aquarius is an air sign that completes the storey of Gemini and Libra by bringing them together in a way via their opposition of freedom and partnerships. They will rely on their minds and spoken words the majority of the time, and without mental stimulation, they may lose interest in even the things that once made their hearts race. They perceive the world as a place full of possibilities, and they feel compelled to be spontaneous, follow the moment, and experience it fully in order to avoid wasting time.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, who stands shoulder to shoulder with Saturn, the sign’s traditional ruler. Despite Uranus’ abrupt, timid, and occasionally confrontational temperament, their other ruler helps them find enough space from other people to stay relatively indifferent. An Aquarius is a known thinker and someone who will shake your world once they are in it. A visionary and someone eager for changes, an Aquarius is a recognised thinker and someone who will shake your world once they are in it. They thrive when they are a member of a community, yet they may struggle to locate just the perfect spot to call home.

While Ganymede may have appeared frail and frail, this does not diminish the power of these characters’ personalities. They always have someone to help them up, someone to point them in the direction of the heavens and the enlightenment they seek. Belonging to those in control, their issues with authority are mainly caused by their interactions with others, rather than the leadership structure itself. They’ll have to dig deep to find the centre.

Aquarius: Aspects of Love & Sex

The greatest aphrodisiac for an Aquarius is intellectual stimulation. Nothing can entice them more than a stimulating chat with another individual. Openness, communication, imagination, and a willingness to take risks are attributes that fit well with this zodiac sign’s emotional environment. Their compatibility with other signs is complicated since they represent opposition and have difficulty relating to others if their feeling of independence is threatened, or they perceive it to be threatened.

Anyone who wants to stay in their life must have integrity and honesty, and feelings will have little to do with how they deal with betrayal and those who let them down along the way. They will grant their spouse autonomy, considering them as equals and powerful as themselves. Especially if they have all the independence they want, they may struggle with day-to-day interactions, even with individuals with whom they are profoundly in love.

Aquarius: People Close To Them – Family & Friends

Family Life

Theses individuals have certain expectations from their family. Even though it might not be their place to search for answers their parents should seek, they will do so anyway, and more often than not impose their will on family members from the best possible intention – to make them get along. The sense of duty they have with some relatives won’t keep them around for very long, for this, as all emotional blackmail, hardly ever touches the soul of an Aquarius.


Aquarius representatives, regardless of their communication skills, require time to develop connection with a buddy, and they will instinctively go to great lengths to avoid being emotional and vulnerable in front of others. They are willing to sacrifice themselves only when absolutely necessary, and by the time they arrive to assist a person in need, they will have realised that they never needed aid in the first place. They require innovative mates that are honest and have a high IQ.

Aquarius: Career & Money

Aquarius is a sign that offers energy, inventiveness, and enthusiasm to their profession, as well as a fantastic capacity to use their imagination for commercial goals. Many people in their lives are inspired by their high intellect mixed with their willingness to give their talents. They are a visionary who enjoys humane activities and needs to operate in an environment that promotes improved conditions for vulnerable groups of people.

This zodiac sign’s money can be spent on numerous risks, but it can also be saved, and all they need is something to look forward to in order to build a saving zone in their lives. They’ve honed their sense of style and aren’t ashamed to flaunt it, which is why the colours they see in the world make such a difference in their emotional state. They succeed in occupations such as piloting, paragliding, and photography, but they also make wonderful programmers, brilliant mathematicians, and scientists, and they must demonstrate their personality without following tight limits.

Attracting an Aquarius Man

Men born under the sign of Aquarius are unpredictable, bright, gregarious, self-reliant, and outstanding speakers. They’re also untrustworthy and inflexible, but they can be changed by the proper partner, at least until they check their wristwatch for time. An Aquarius man needs a buddy to chat to about his advanced thoughts and ideas because he sometimes lives inside his head. In a game of seduction, the first step is to become their buddy, and then everything else follows. Each Aquarius has the opportunity to meet their own boundaries and see if there is anything else they need to breach when things fall into place and he learns he has gained trust for the person standing in front of them.

This individual has difficulty fitting in because his Sun is in the sign of detriment. He need someone who will accept his desire for independence, individuality, and, most importantly, his sincere desire to make a positive difference in the world.

Attracting an Aquarius Woman

Aquarius women are self-sufficient, secretive, free-spirited, and eccentric, with a great sense of humour and an odd inability to be steady and present. She appears cold and aloof, but she really needs someone to romance and converse with. This is an interesting woman who makes a wonderful companion in emotional, sexual, and especially mental concerns, but her commitment may not last long if she feels even a smidgeon of disrespect along the road. She is drawn to those that are different from the rest of the pack, and she wants someone to earn her trust and lead her into better circumstances.

An Aquarius woman is a creative partner who enjoys trying new things on a regular basis, especially in her sexual expression. She still wants to feel appreciated and cherished, while also being free of the demands and pushiness that some of her men are prone to.